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Our Services / Canada Visa
 Work Permits/Visas  
If you are looking for applying for a work permit to start working in Canada whether short or long term clicks here for more information.
 Student Visas 
If you are looking to apply for a student visa to study in Canada whether it an ESL or diploma courses, Click here for more information.
 Citizenship Application 
If you are looking for a professional to take care of your citizenship application or you weren't sure that your child is eligible for Canadian Citizenship. Click here for more information.
 Hiring foreign worker 
If you are an employer in Canada and looking to hiring a foreign worker to come to work with you. We provide a one-stop service for the LMIA. application. Click here for more information.
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 Family Sponsorship 
If you are a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada and you would like to sponsor your family (eg. spouse, partner, parents, grandparents or any other relatives) click here for more information.
 Extension Of Status 
If you are a visitor to Canada (tourist or visiting relatives) and you would like to extend your stay in Canada. Click here for more information.
 Refugees / Asylum seekers  
Canada offers refugee protection to people in Canada who fear persecution and who are unwilling or unable to return to their home country. Click here to contact us. We will need to assess your case.
  Express Entry - for PR in Canada 
If you are a qualified candidate for the Express Entry (Canadian Experience Class, Skilled Worker or Skilled Trade), we can help you from setting the Express Entry profile until you get the permanent resident status. Click here for more information.
 Refused visa application / Appeal cases 
If you have been refused on your application and you believe you have received an unfair decision, contact us to file an appeal on your behalf.
Please have a refused letter issued by CIC/IRCC handy before you contact us.
 Humanitarian and compassionate grounds (H&C) 
The H&C class provides discretion to grant permanent residence to applicants who are inadmissible or ineligible to apply in an immigration class. Consult us if you can apply under H&C grounds.
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  Marriage planing 
If you are looking to get married in Thailand or Canada and you would like to know what documents do you need? or the procedure. Click here for more information.
Bride and Groom
 Canada Immigration free consultation hotline 

Our company provides a free Immigration related consultation by telephone. Click here for more information. 

Please note that free consultation will be provided during specific hours only. 


Our Services / Thai document related services

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 Thai Police Certificate  
If you are looking for applying Thai Police Certificate, we can facilitate your request and you can apply it entirely online through our online application portal. Click here for more information.
 Thai to English or French translation  
We also provide a certified documents translation from Thai to English or French (vice versa). Please contact us by email or telephone to get more information.
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 Thai Interpreter service  
We provide a interpreter service in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. 
If you need an Interpreter service, please contact us by telephone or email.
 Obtain Thai official documents  

We can facilitate you to obtain a replacement of Thai official documents such as Birth Certificate, Civil registration information (substitute house particular booklet), child custody document or letter confirmation of single status.

Please contact us by telephone or email for the list of documents required and fees.

 Thai criminal record expungement / Pardon 
If you previously have a criminal/offense record in Thailand and you would like to proceed with the expungement or pardon request. We can facilitate the request with the assistance from our legal team. Please contact one of our offices to schedule a telephone call with our legal affairs team. Initial consultation is always free and no string attached.
Young Lawyer
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