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Planing your marriage to Thailand

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Marriage in Thailand

If you are planning to get legally married in Thailand, it is important to learn more about Thailand’s requirements as a first step. Regardless of whether you are a foreigner marrying another foreigner or you are marrying a Thai citizen, the country’s requirements are the same. You must follow these steps:

1. Affirm/swear an affidavit of freedom to marry (1 morning)

  • Complete an English affidavit form at the Canadian Embassy, Monday to Friday from 09:00 to noon.

  • A fee of CAD $50 is payable for this notary service, payable in CAD, USD or THB. We can provide this service for Canadian citizens only. Please bring your passport.

  • If you are divorced or widowed, please provide an original divorce or death certificate. Remember to bring it with you from Canada.

  • Affidavits completed in French will have to be translated into English for Thai authorities.

2. Have the affidavit translated into Thai (1 – 2 working days)

  • The notarized English affidavit must be translated into Thai by a certified translator. We can provide you with this service.

3. Have all documents certified/authenticated (3 working days)

  • Take the notarized affidavit and Thai translation to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have the translation certified and the signature of the Canadian official authenticated.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Legalization Division
3rd Fl., Dept. of Consular Affairs
123 Chaeng Watthana Road, Bangkok 10210
Hours: 08:30 to 11:30, and 13:00 to 14:30.

กรมการกงสุล กระทรวงการต่างประเทศ
123 ถนนแจ้งวัฒนะ
แขวงทุ่งสองห้อง เขตหลักสี่ กรุงเทพฯ 10210

If you are unable or would like us to process it for you, we can provide the authenticated service from Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 1,000 THB including government processing fee.

4. Register the marriage (1 day)

  • Proceed to any district office to register the marriage. If neither party speaks Thai, an interpreter will be required. The couple will be provided with two copies of the official Marriage Certificate in Thai.

  • Marriages that are legally performed abroad are usually valid in Canada and do not require any additional steps or registration. Please direct further inquiries to the Vital Statistics Office of the province or territory where the couple will live.

5. Have the marriage certificate translated — optional (1 day)

  • If you wish to use the Marriage Certificate in Canada or other countries, you should have it translated into English or French. It may then be notarized at either the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at the Embassy of Canada.

  • For details on marriage in Cambodia, Laos, or Burma, please contact the Embassy of Canada in Bangkok.

  • Foreign nationals do not automatically acquire Canadian citizenship through marriage to Canadians. If you are marrying a Thai national, he or she will require a visa for Canada. If you plan to have your spouse immigrate to Canada, You may contact us.

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We provide a free consultation and guideline for Canadian whom planing to get marry in Thailand.

If you need additional services such as translation, interpreter or authentication, we can provide these services for an additional fees.

Contact Us If you have any questions.

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