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The refugee and asylum seekers process is complicated. We need to assess your eligibility by meeting only. Please note that the first consultation will be provided free of charge.

Please contact us by telephone at +1-888-993-8880. Our immigration specialized will advise you on the further step.

If you have been detained by CBSA and you would like immediate assistance to file your refugee claim, you may also call us on the above number.

Our area of expertise

We are experienced in the process of political refugees from Thailand. If you believe that your life is in danger to return to Thailand or to stay in Thailand. Please contact us for more information. 

We are also able to assist those refugees who are looking for a third safe country (Canada) and currently reside in Thailand (legally or illegally). You may contact our Bangkok office for more information.

Fees information 

Government fee from $550

Representation fee from (varies, you may eligible for free representation, contact our representative for more information)

Medical examination and biometric collection is required.

"Contact Us" for more information.

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