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If you face multiple refusals, we may be able to assist you. after a visa rejection, there are a few steps you may be able to take to still obtain a Canadian visa. Contrary to what many people think, reapplying after a Canadian visa rejection or refusal is actually an option, depending on the reasons why the application was rejected in the first place.


Reasons for a Canadian Visa Rejection:

  • Failure to provide proper and accurate supporting documents

  • Failure to show adequate financial resources to finance your travel to and stay in Canada

  • Failure to meet international security standards, such as in cases where the applicant has a criminal background

  • Failure to meet health standards

  • Visa officer has reservations regarding the applicant’s intention or his/her application

There may be other factors that could result in a Canadian visa refusal, but many fall within the parameters of those mentioned.


Most common circumstance for a Canadian Visa Rejection:

  • Visiting Canadian boyfriend/girlfriend whom applicant never met in person

  • Received refusal visa application in several countries

  • Have an adverse record in the United States or other countries where Canada share information with

  • Unreasonable purpose of travel

  • lack of stability


If warranted in your particular situation, we can do the following:

  • Reconsideration letters. If the refusal was based on an error in fact or in law, and/or if that decision was not in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness, we will write to the program manager of the Canadian Visa Office in question to point out the errors and to request a reconsideration of the refusal.

  • If no response is received or a negative response is received, we can seek the appropriate legal proceedings if the case appears to be worth pursuing:

  • For applications rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada at the federal level, recourses are usually presented before the Immigration Appeal Division or the Federal Court.​

Fees information 

Obtain Immigration record $100

Representation fee starting from $550

Medical examination maybe required for this type of application

Contact Us for more information.

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